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Water of Hope Project

The summer in Kosova is very hot with temperatures up to 40ºC. Because Kosova is surrounded by mountains it’s like living in a bowl, the heat is concentrated inside the bowl and there’s no breeze. Dehydration can be a big problem in the summer and in August we got involved in a project started by a church group in the capital, Prishtina, Water of Hope (Uji i Shpresës).  Continue reading “Water of Hope Project”


8th March 2017

Wow, what a week. We have been on the go non-stop since 7th March when we spent the day preparing for International Women’s Day which is on 8th March every year. As a church we decided to hold a special event for women, young and old, to celebrate this day and invited a guest speaker to come and speak on the theme “Hope in the midst of difficulty”. Continue reading “8th March 2017”

Urime 9 Vjet Pavarësi!

Today marks the 9th anniversary of Kosova’s Independence, which reminds you how young this country really is. Most capital cities have monuments and statues depicting the history of the country and it’s famous inhabitants, leaders and warriors, Kosova has all of those but also has a monument which is unique. Continue reading “Urime 9 Vjet Pavarësi!”

“When in Rome…”

“…do as the Romans do.” I’m not quite sure what the origins of this expression are but the message is a very powerful one: respect the culture you’re in.  Continue reading ““When in Rome…””

OSCE conference

This week we were invited to go with our pastor, Jeton, to an OSCE conference in Peje. The OSCE is the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe and the conference was for members of all religious groups and representatives of municipalities (like the local council) to discuss how the different faith groups in each municipality can have their voices heard by local officials. Continue reading “OSCE conference”

The missing piece

Because of its complicated political history and the fact that Kosova is such a new country we feel it is important to write generally about Kosova as well as what we’re doing to serve God with Rebirth of Kosova Church. Continue reading “The missing piece”

Ta Pastrojmë Kosovën – Clean Up Kosova

It has been a while since our last update as we have had visitors with us for the last two weeks. Now that we are back to our normal routine we thought we would update you over the next few days on what we have been doing as part of our service with the church here in Gjakova. Continue reading “Ta Pastrojmë Kosovën – Clean Up Kosova”

Culture Shock

This is a topic that I (Helen) have kept to myself since moving to Kosova in May 2014, but I feel that now is the right time to talk about it.  Continue reading “Culture Shock”

Youth Cell Group and Kosovapoly

We took over leading one of the Youth Cell Groups at church at the end of February and we asked for prayers to bond well with the group and for them to grow in confidence speaking English with us, using and building on what they have already learned at school and in private courses. Continue reading “Youth Cell Group and Kosovapoly”

Helen – things I miss from England

We want to use this blog not only to talk about the ministry we’re involved in but also to share a little bit about life here in general. We feel that Kosova has been done a disservice by the way that some organisations have described living conditions and we want to try and give an honest and up-to-date view of what living in Kosova is really like.

One of the things that I often get asked both in Kosova and in the UK is what I miss from England. Continue reading “Helen – things I miss from England”

Gjakovë Virtual Tour

We often get asked what Gjakova is like and what kind of facilities we have in the town. We’d like to use our blog not only to update you about what we are doing with the church but also to give you an insight into the culture in Kosova. Continue reading “Gjakovë Virtual Tour”

Yesterday we went to the capital city, Prishtina, and visited the newly painted NEWBORN sign. Continue reading “Jesus is Lord”

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