We rely on God’s provision to do the work we are doing for the church here in Kosova. We have some supporters who help us financially and others who support us through prayer. Prayer is very important to our work and we know that God answers those prayers.

We’ve listed here our current prayer requests, please take some time to red through them and pray for us. If you would like some more information on any of these points then please contact us.

  • For our personal finances and for our car that we will not have to make any expensive repairs.
  • For our Youth Cell Group as we study the Word with them and support them in their faith.
  • For health:
    • Ilir has been suffering from high blood pressure and headaches recently, please pray that this will pass without medical intervention.
    • Ilir’s sister, Doresa, is expecting her third child in November. She has experienced a challenging pregnancy, please pray the final month goes smoothly.
    • For Ilir’s parents, particularly as we enter the colder winter months.

We would also like to share with you some prayer requests for our church here in Gjakovë and for Kosova:

  • For the political and economic situation in Kosova (you can read about this here)
  • For the English classes that we are helping to teach with Drita (one of the other church leaders).