Answered Prayer

We know that God answers our prayers. Sometimes those answers are immediate and sometimes they take some time. We want to acknowledge those answered prayers here and thank both God for His goodness and you for your prayers.

28th February 2017

  • For our personal finances and for our car that we will not have to make any expensive repairs.
    • Answered but not how we expected: Our car broke down just before New Year which prompted us to replace it. We now have a new car which has more seats and is much more economical. We still need finances to cover payments on this new car.
  • For our Youth Cell Group as we study the Word with them and support them in their faith.
    • Answered: Our youth cell group is going really well. We meet weekly with them to study the Word and they have started to lead these sessions themselves, with our support, and are engaging fully in Church life.
  • For health:
    • Ilir has been suffering from high blood pressure and headaches recently, please pray that this will pass without medical intervention.
      • Answered: Ilir is not having any more problems with blood pressure.
    • img_8545Ilir’s sister, Doresa, is expecting her third child in November. She has experienced a challenging pregnancy, please pray the final month goes smoothly.
      • Answered: Doresa gave birth to a son, Akil, in November. Akil suffered with colic during his first month but is now a happy and healthy 2 month old
    • For Ilir’s parents, particularly as we enter the colder winter months.
      • Answered after trials: Ilir’s father was involved in a head-on collision before Christmas which rendered his car a write-off. He suffered cracked ribs and had to have stitches in his knee as a result of the accident. Praise God he is almost fully recovered now. The winter was cold but they had enough wood to keep warm.

3rd October 2016

  • For Helen’s confidence in using and learning Albanian.
    • Answered but ongoing: Helen is able to understand most conversations and answer basic questions. She sometimes listens to preachings and leadership discussions without translation only having to ask one or two questions to clarify something. This is a big break through but an ongoing challenge.
  • For the period of transition at RoK and the process of moving into the new building.
    • Answered: Please see our blog post about the first service in the new building: Finally!
  • For God’s provision for the shortfall in rent at RoK.
    • Answered: God provides constantly for RoK and during the period of transition before we moved into the new building the church was given extra donations towards rent for this year.

13th June 2016

  • The stairs and balcony that allow us access to the church and cafe were built illegally many years ago (not by the church) and the municipality have ordered them to be removed, this would mean we cannot access the church. Please pray for a favourable outcome from discussions.
    • Answered: Although we hoped we wouldn’t have to leave the building we had been using we moved out in May and have found a new location which, after some renovation work, will have more space for weekly worship services and other activities.

1st April 2016

  • We need financial support to help cover the increased utility bills we have had through the winter.
    • Answered: We received extra gifts in March which have helped us to clear our utility bills for the winter.
  • We run a youth cell group on Thursdays in English to encourage the youth to use the English they have learned.
    • Answered: We invited the youth to our flat/apartment to get to know them better and have some social time.
  • For preparations for a joint worship service in Gjakovë at Easter when we will be leading the worship.
    • Answered: Please read more about the Easter weekend here.

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