May 2018 Update

It feels strange to be writing a blog post after such a long break from it. Since we came back to Kosova after Christmas and New Year in the UK we have had periods of business and periods of quiet. Now that we’re in May and, starting this week, enter the busiest period of the Church’s calendar by far – teams season.Last week a team with a Dutch organisation got involved with the church plant in Klina (blog post to follow) and over the next 3 months we will be directly hosting or involved with the following visitors:

  • A team of doctors from the USA running a walk in clinic at the church (please pray that the Ministry of Health grants the permit to hold the clinic, starting on 15th May for 4 days). Ilir and others from the church will be translating all week so please keep them in your prayers.
  • Former colleagues from the UK who have visited several times before.
  • Helen’s parents coming for a visit.
  • Missionaries from the USA returning to check up on their own projects.
  • A team from the UK coming to get involved with our youth ministry and church plant in Klina.

This time of year in Kosova is also incredibly busy for church members as it is wedding season. Kosovar weddings often have several days of celebrations so members of the church may be absent from church for more than one week during this time, it can also pose challenges for working with teams if church members who can translate for teams have family commitments.

We will be updating our blog as and when we can over the coming weeks and months and hope to be producing a prayer letter very soon. Thank you for your continued prayers, we really do appreciate it.

We always thank God for all of you
and continually mention you in our prayers.

1 Thessalonians 1:2


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