Kosova Food 1 – samun me suxhuk

Over a year ago I wrote a blog post about things I miss from England. That blog post was all about food, specifically the food you can’t get in Kosova. The good news: you can now get more and more food items that 3 years ago you couldn’t find here. Now we have baked beans, soy sauce, barbecue sauce, ramen noodles, sweet chilli sauce and Texas barbecue flavoured Pringles! Even at the market you can now find celery, fresh mushrooms, sweet potatoes, avocados and even passion fruit (though it will cost you). This is far removed from how things were when I first moved to Kosova 3 years ago when a stick of celery was a luxury I couldn’t hope to find anywhere.

Despite missing some foods from England, one of the joys of moving to a country with a different culture to the one I grew up in is trying new foods. One of the most popular breakfast foods here is samun me suxhuk (suh-jook). I suppose it’s the Kosova equivalent of a sausage sandwich.

Suxhuk is a spiced beef sausage and samun is the word for a bread bap. Literally translated samun me suxhuk means bread with sausage. To make this very tasty breakfast you simply buy suxhuk, cheese and perhaps a triangle of happy cow (dairylea) to your local bakery, hand over your ingredients to the workers and tell them how many samun me suxhuk you want. Bread dough comes lined up on a plank of wood (think scaffolding), the suxhuk, cheese and perhaps even a cracked egg is added to the top then the dough is put inside a wood fired brick oven to bake for 10-15 minutes. Then they are retrieved from the oven and bagged up for you to take home.

The cost of this? 40 cents per samun plus whatever you spent on suxhuk and cheese. The perfect accompaniment? Yoghurt or ajran (yoghurt with salt added).

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