Music Course

It’s been several months since we started the music course at church for those who want to learn to play the piano, guitar or to work on their singing. We want to train the next generation of worship leaders so that each area of ministry in the church has people equipped to lead worship both now and for years to come.

Some of the students from the course have lost interest, perhaps because they were not getting instant results, and some are only interested in playing worldly music. At the moment there are three students who have some real potential to lead worship in the church because they have a natural feel for music and also love and understand worship. Although we continue to teach the other students and pray that their desire to worship grows, these three are the ones we will be investing more time and energy into to nurture their gifts and passion.

One of the girls who is learning the piano has been practising at home and asking her parents to sing the songs with her to help her learn the timing of the music. She comes from a Christian family so they all know the songs but it is an encouragement that for that family worship is now part of their home life as well as church life.

Please keep the music course and its students in your prayers, that their passion for music will be permanently linked to their love of God and desire to worship Him and that He will use their gifts to His glory.


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