Church Plant Klinë

In May this year we were visited by friends and former colleagues from the UK. During that week we visited the city to pray for the call on our church to plant a church in Klinë, specifically for God to show us the right place to rent for the church plant and for the gospel message to be heard there.

After several months of prayer and visits to Klinë we finally agreed to rent a small shop opposite a primary school in order to start the church ministry and English course.

Every Wednesday evening is the church’s prayer meeting and one week per month is a prayer walk. In October this prayer walk was in Klina and while most of those who went  prayed for the city and for God’s plan for Klina to be realised through the church plant, Ilir and Pastor Jeton met with the owner of the shop we visited in May to negotiate a rental agreement. The climax of the prayer meeting was to pray together as a church body in the shop and to bless the believers who are already in Klina (of which there are only 2-3).

This month Ilir has been with some of the young guys from the church to clean the building and it has also been repainted. Some of the excess furniture from our old church building here in Gjakovë has been sent to Klina and this week we went with Pastor Jeton to start an English course and to have a time of prayer and worship.

Please pray with us for the new church plant in Klina. We are starting on Fridays with a 2-hour English course followed by prayer and worship. Although this is a new church for Klina, it is still very much a part of Rebirth of Kosova Church. As a church we are committed to making the church plant in Klina a part of Rebirth of Kosova Church as a whole rather than a new independent church, this means that members of the church in Gjakovë will be heavily involved in church activities in Klina such as prayer meetings, worship, youth meetings etc. as it grows.

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