Water of Hope Project

The summer in Kosova is very hot with temperatures up to 40ºC. Because Kosova is surrounded by mountains it’s like living in a bowl, the heat is concentrated inside the bowl and there’s no breeze. Dehydration can be a big problem in the summer and in August we got involved in a project started by a church group in the capital, Prishtina, Water of Hope (Uji i Shpresës). 

This project is very simple: give out free water. We requested 2000 bottles of water so that we could do the project in our own city, Gjakovë. On a very hot day in August we gathered with the youth from our church in the city centre and distributed over 600 bottles of water to passers-by. The bottles themselves have been relabelled with the name of the project and come with a message “Good News for You” with some bible verses and short message on a separate flyer.

We anticipated some objection from the Muslim community to the project but praise God we didn’t have any confrontations with people. Of course some people will not like that the Christian community are being active in promoting the gospel but the only issue we had was extra littering from people who didn’t like the message. We still have over 1000 bottles to distribute and although the weather is a lot cooler we believe it is still an effective tool for evangelism.

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