Leading Worship in Deçan

We love worship and it is very much part of our everyday lives as well as something we lead at church. When Ilir was asked to take over as worship leader in 2014 he was nervous about being a worship leader because he didn’t think he could sing well enough or play the guitar very well (his preferred instrument is the bass guitar). When he asked me to join the worship group in 2015 I felt very much the same way about playing the piano, but God has equipped us both and continues to lead us as we lead worship at our church Kisha Rilindja e Kosovës. We are blessed that we also have three other members of the worship group who each bring different gifts and a passion for worship.*

On Saturday we were asked to lead worship at a small church in Deçan, a town just over 20km from Gjakovë. The church, Bashkësia Ungjillore “Rruga e Shpëtimit” (Evangelical Fellowship “Road of Salvation”) is pastored by a missionary couple from Colombia and their worship leader has recently moved to America. We took a guitar, the piano and two of the girls from our cell group to share in fellowship and lead worship at their weekly service.

Although some of the songs we chose were new to the church in Deçan both us and the members of the church there, of which there were no more than 8, really enjoyed the time in worship. It was an eye opening experience as well for the girls from our cell group who are used to a much bigger church, both in terms of building size and number of members.

We have been asked to go back regularly to lead the worship but we have to pray and consider how this will fit with our existing commitments to the house ministry in Vraniq on Saturday mornings. Please pray with us as we seek God’s will in this matter.



* We have recorded a couple of worship videos from our worship practice on Friday nights, we pray they will be an encouragement to those looking for worship in Albanian online.

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