Tour Giallo

One of our favourite parts of being members of Kisha Rilindja e Kosovës (Rebirth of Kosova Church) is that we get to meet people from all over the world who have the same desire and passion to see the church in Kosova grow as we do. Throughout the year we get requests as a church to host teams from other countries for conferences or outreach projects.

In August we hosted a team from Italy who were in Kosova for the first time as part of Tour Giallo, or “Yellow Tour”. The team were from a large church in Milan, Italy and many of them are students of the Church’s own Bible school. Tour Giallo is an evangelism project to reach people throughout Europe.

Before the team came to Gjakovë they visited other countries including neighbouring Macedonia, and after 4 days with us here in Gjakovë they went to the capital city Prishtina and then on to Tirana in Albania before returning home to Italy. During the day the team visited projects that we are involved in in some of the poorer villages around Gjakovë and in the evenings they put on a show in the centre of town to evangelise to passers by. The show included comedy skits, a Christian drama, testimonies and a fire show (see photos). At the end of each performance there was an “altar call” so that anyone who wanted to find out more about what they had seen could talk to members of the team or members of our church and find out more about Jesus. We had two nights in Gjakovë and the third night in Klina where our church is planning a church plant.

We spent a lot of time with the team visiting the villages but all the families in the church were able to practice hospitality as they welcomed 2-3 members of the team into their homes each evening for a shower before returning them to the church to sleep. This was originally a logistical challenge but ended up being a great opportunity for fellowship and to practise hospitality.

We believe that making connections with believers and churches around the world can only be a good thing and provides many opportunities for fellowship and evangelism. There is so much we can learn from each other in order to grow in our faith and promote the gospel in new and imaginative ways. Tour Giallo was a good foundation on which to build here in Gjakovë at a time when the city is full of people visiting from all over Europe. Many of the people who saw the shows live in Switzerland, Germany or elsewhere in Europe so the message is not just restricted to Kosova. We pray that the seeds that have been sown will be watered, grow and be fruitful in the coming months and years.

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