The Youth Clean Up Gjakovë

Last weekend we went with the Youth of the church for the second year in a row to clean up the park area near to our church. You can see the pictures and read about this initiative from last year in our blog post Ta Pastrojmë Gjakovën – Clean Up Gjakovë. Last year we collected 8 sacks of rubbish from a small area just across the road from our church and this year we collected 7 so there is perhaps a gradual improvement taking place.

The area where we have collected rubbish from is being developed into a park in the centre of town. Over the last year some old buildings have been demolished or renovated and in the last month some small paths are being created through the park. In a city that is developing so rapidly and has so many apartment buildings being built it is refreshing to see that green space is still valued. We know that our work clearing up the rubbish will be undone in the coming weeks but it is a statement to others in the town that we as Christians honour God’s creation and want the place we live to be kept clean.

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