8th March 2017

Wow, what a week. We have been on the go non-stop since 7th March when we spent the day preparing for International Women’s Day which is on 8th March every year. As a church we decided to hold a special event for women, young and old, to celebrate this day and invited a guest speaker to come and speak on the theme “Hope in the midst of difficulty”.

International Women’s Day serves as Mother’s Day in Kosova as well as honouring other women for their work throughout the year. This event is the first in a series of events we are organising to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the church.

Elona Prroj is the pastor of a church in Shkoder, Albania, who took over the ministry of the church when her husband, the Pastor, was killed as a result of a blood feud. Blood feuds are sadly commonplace in Northern Albania and male members of families tangled up in blood feuds go from day to day in fear of their lives. You can listen to Elona’s testimony (in English) here.

The theme of the event, “Hope in the midst of difficulty” reflects what Elona and her family have lived since the murder of her husband and her message for the victims of other blood feud families that she works with. We opened the event with worship and then heard Elona’s powerful testimony. After a break for lunch and coffee Elona then preached on the importance of finding hope in God and holding onto that hope through life’s challenges and difficulties.

The event was attended by women from all the churches in Gjakovë as well as visitors from further away including a church in Vushtrri (Northern Kosova) and Bajram Curri (Northern Albania), who had to travel over an hour and a half to attend. We provided lunch for over 1oo women and this was by far the largest event we have held since we moved into our new church building in July last year.

We hope you enjoy looking at the photos from the Women’s Day event.

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