Kursi Muzikes – Music Course

For some time we have been planning and praying about teaching a music course for anyone at the church who is interested in learning an instrument or developing further skills in an instrument they already play.Because Helen learned multiple musical instruments since the age of 7 she is able to teach the theory of music as well as the practical side of playing the piano and singing, and Ilir can help with teaching guitar and bass. We have had two lessons so far and weren’t sure how many people would come or what instrument they wanted to learn so we approached the course apprehensively. Six people came to the first lesson and 8 came to the second which demonstrated a clear desire for the course and for both youth and older people to get more involved in the worship in the church. This is a real blessing as we can nurture and encourage a youth worship band as well as others who can either join or alternate with the main worship group at the church.


Lesson 1 was dedicated to finding out who wanted to learn what instrument and why, and teaching the notes on the piano.

Lesson 2 was a recap of the first lesson as well as understanding the concept of major and minor keys. Half the lesson was dedicated to learning correct posture, hand position, finding notes on the piano and playing a simple major chord.

Please continue to pray with us for this course, especially as each lesson has to be translated into Albanian.

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