Urime 9 Vjet Pavarësi!

Today marks the 9th anniversary of Kosova’s Independence, which reminds you how young this country really is. Most capital cities have monuments and statues depicting the history of the country and it’s famous inhabitants, leaders and warriors, Kosova has all of those but also has a monument which is unique.


The NEWBORN monument was erected in 2008 to commemorate Kosova’s independence from Serbia and the word itself was chosen as a statement for the birth of a new nation. Since 2013 the monument has been repainted as a statement of the country’s political situation and the new design is unveiled each year on Independence Day.

2013: With the flags of countries that recognise Kosova’s independence
2014: A free canvas for anyone to paint their own design. The E left black to symbolise Kosova as the missing piece in Europe
2015: In army camouflage in remembrance of the soldiers that fought for Kosova’s independence.
2016: Blue sky and clouds with barbed wire to symbolise the restrictions that Kosovars face over international travel/work.
2017: The N and W have been laid flat on the ground and the additional words No Walls added to symbolise the desire that Kosovars have to travel freely and have access to the rest of Europe.

The current design ties in with another Prishtina monument which was erected last year as a statement about Kosova’s bid to join the EU. You can read about the lego monument in our blog post The missing piece.


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