Back in June we wrote about a national campaign to clean up Kosova (Please see Ta Pastrojmë Kosovën – Clean Up Kosova) when we spent a day clearing rubbish from Brekoc, a village we often support with food parcels (Please see Food, and more…). Today, as part of the Youth Ministry of our Church, Rebirth of Kosova, we worked with the Youth to clean up Gjakovë. 

One of the things that many visitors to Kosova comment on is the volume of rubbish by the side of the road and, while this may seem important to those people who comes from countries like England where recycling is the norm, it has not been a priority in Kosova. Due to the economic situation in Kosova, most people do not prioritise refuse collection and most streets have wrappers, cans and packets strewn along the kerb. Today we were able to collect 8 sacks full of rubbish from the area just across the road from the church building.

As a church we believe it is important to care for the place where we live as well as to teach the next generation the importance of caring for their home and setting an example to non-Christians about how we should treat our Earth. We pray that doing this clean up with the youth will instill in them a negative attitude towards littering and a positive attitude towards caring for God’s creation and the place where they live.