Food, and more…

This week marks “back to school” and therefore the end of summer (or at least that’s how kids all over Europe see it!) so we thought it was finally time to write about how we spent this summer serving the Lord with RoK.

As those of you who read our prayer letters or follow our blog know, we are normally occupied for a few days each month with distributing food parcels to 18-30 families that struggle to support themselves. These food parcels are paid for by a church in New York which has been generously supporting this project for the last year and a half. Unfortunately we do not know how long this arrangement will continue.

In July we dedicated a week to the food distribution so that we could spend more time with the families and run day camps for the children of the families we visited. Together with other members of the church we loaded up our cars with food parcels and spend three days going to the villages of Nitic, Brekoc and Vraniq and the rest of the week to visit families living in Gjakova and the Roma Camp.

Day 1 – Nitic

Nitic is a village near the Radoniqi reservoir where the whole of Gjakovë and surrounding villages get their water supply. It takes about 30 minutes to drive to Nitic which is high above the surrounding area and almost into the mountains. We spent some time singing songs (see video below), teaching the kids the story of Noah, playing games such as apple bobbing, piggy in the middle and duck-duck-goose (or cat-cat-dog) before distributing the food parcels to the dozen families that live there.

Day 2 – Brekoc

Brekoc is a village just on the outskirts of Gjakovë. The people there are from the Roma community and live in very bad circumstances. This is the same village that we cleaned up in June (see Ta Pastrojmë Kosovën – Clean Up Kosova)

Day 3 – Vraniq

Vraniq is another village on the outskrits of Gjakovë and the day we spent there was a special one. We had planned to sing and do activities with the kids as on the previous two days but when we arrived we realised that the need here was for prayer. We spent our time in the homes of the families that live there, listening to them talk about their lives and praying for the things that concerned them. It was truly an anointed time where we could really get to know how we, as a church could support the families in this village. We were also able to have a good conversation about what it means to be a Christian, most people will assume that the Catholic Church and Evangelical Church is the same and we had to explain the difference between a Priest and a Pastor.

The rest of the food parcels were delivered to families within Gjakovë so we did not do the same activities as on previous days but spent time talking and listening to the families and praying with them if they allowed us to.

We felt that it was very valuable to spend more time in each village and engage with all generations of the families that live there. We have a deeper understanding of their situations and needs and can therefore help them and pray for them more intelligently.

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