It has been two months since our church had to leave the building we had been using for several years, and after a long wait we finally had our first service in the church’s new building on 3rd July.

Although some rooms were not completely finished, we had worked hard to get the main worship space ready for normal activities to take place. Moving the furniture in was hard work as we had to make several trips with 2 or 3 cars to bring the chairs and music equipment but the end result was well worth the effort. Some of the youth came to help with the work which was a blessing. We had a great time of worship in the first service in the new building and Pastor Jeton spoke about the different ministries of the church, the journey we had been through as a church and that the focus of the church in this new building is to be prayer and mission.

This short video was shown at the first service and shows images of church ministries in the church as well as the preparations of the new building.

Since this first service the new building has had a kitchen installed, new sofas bought for the prayer room and had a carpet laid in the kid’s room. We’ve had worship meetings, prayer meetings, bible studies and youth meetings there and we have not been disappointed by the building at all.

Of course it would be easy to get side tracked by the building and forget that the church is the people but this is definitely not the case here. We recognise that the church will continue without the building but that the building provides an important base for the ministries of the church and a place from which to be a light to the community.

Thank you for your prayers for Rebirth of Kosova Church during this time, especially for the finances to be able to afford the rent on this new building. We know that many people donated towards our online fundraising as well as making individual gifts to support the church here and we along with everyone at Rebirth of Kosova Church is very thankful for this and to God for His faithfulness.

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  1. Congratulations on your new building God always answers our prayers often in ways beyond our dreams. so Be bold be Brave and for the Lord our God is with us… Where abouts is the new building so I can visit sometimes Love Valerie.


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