The missing piece

Because of its complicated political history and the fact that Kosova is such a new country we feel it is important to write generally about Kosova as well as what we’re doing to serve God with Rebirth of Kosova Church. Some time ago we posted a picture of the repainted NEWBORN sign in Prishtina which had been grafitti’d with “Jesus is Lord”. Earlier this year a new monument was erected in Prishtina, a yellow lego piece.

Juxstaposed to the impending referrendum in the UK this new monument is a political statement about Kosova’s desire to be a part of the European Union. A plaque in the base of the monument reads:

“European Union is built on common values of nations and states.
Kosovo cannot be the missing piece in this entirety”

The monument was erected just after announcements that Kosova would be accepted into both FIFA and UEFA and steps towards visa liberalisation are being considered which would allow Kosovar citizens visa-free travel in mainland Europe (although they would still need visas to enter the UK which is not part of the Shengen zone).

This is a powerful symbol of the way that most Kosovar citizens feel about their position in Europe.


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