Youth Cell Group and Kosovapoly

We took over leading one of the Youth Cell Groups at church at the end of February and we asked for prayers to bond well with the group and for them to grow in confidence speaking English with us, using and building on what they have already learned at school and in private courses.

Recently we invited the cell group to our home rather than meeting at King’s Cafe so that we could have a meal and just have some social time together. As it was Easter week both the group and us were very busy preparing for the weekend and we wanted to have some time when we could take a break. Most members of our cell group were involved in the drama that was performed on Easter Sunday and had several rehearsals for it.

We started by preparing pizzas together and, while they were in the oven, had a mini racing tournament.

The last time we were in the UK, in February this year, we managed to find a “design your own Monopoly” game and created a Kosova version. The youth had seen photos of this on Facebook and asked us how you play.

This turned out to be a very entertaining game. Our Kosovapoly board is unique because you can move the properties around to wherever you want them, for example if your favourite city happens to be Gjakove you can put it in the most expensive spot on the board (Mayfair on the original game). It was very interesting to watch how the youth played the game, negotiating with each other how people would in real life in Kosova and haggling with each other over price.


This social aspect of the youth cell group has really helped us to build a stronger relationship with the youth and a more relaxed atmosphere for future meetings and studies.

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